I am teaching Irish Dancing for a fundraiser event at the New York City West Side YMCA on St. Patrick's Day evening, Friday, March 17, 2017. It is to support the Y's Annual Campaign with a suggested $10 donation. Please contact me if interested or go to the YMCA at 5 West 63rd St., ask for a guest pass and then pay at the door where we'll be high stepping, clicking heels and prancing around with leprachauns joining in!  It is at 7:30.  -- dg

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For Info & Appointments:  

ph: 646-267-3865; 212-496-9339


"DANCE is the one expression involving the faculties on all levels:  Spiritual, Intellectual and Physical."

– Plato   

"​The Feldenkrais Method addresses issues in the tissues.

It truly is a meditation on yourself."  - dg

​​The "Organics"  of the  

Feldenkrais Method



The  Joy &  Benefits  of  Dance

​  ​​​ Body Mind Freedom

"The more comfortable we are in our bodies,

the more comfortably we move through life."

– Donna Gianell


Past & Present

Photo by Jan La Salle

​       Survey Results of my Workshop at the Annual Feldenkrais National Conference , 

                                                                     September 26-30, 2018:

A questionaire was given to  students rating the workshop on different elements.  They

answered questions by rating the workshop from 1 being the lowest, to 5 being the best.

Then I was given an overall average. My rating: 4.5 

Written and vocal commments by  participants:

“Donna is an expert dancer and wonderful teacher and applies Feldenkrais to teaching concepts. Great class!”
“So much fun! Thank you!”
“Donna showed how dance is related to Feldenkrais. Very fun.”
“This is the most active ATM I’ve ever done!”
“I can’t understand how my partner was able to get me to move without pushing me around! It was so subtle.”

   DANCE Your Way to a 


    1.        The dg Method: 
    a. Balance, Stretch & Strength Intensive  for Dancers  


     b.  Movement  w/Music for Everyone -- even Dancing in your Seats 
               for Balance, Agility, Strength, Joy 

     2.      Luigi Classical Jazz Dance

     3.      The Art of TANGOING!
                 as a Presence;   as Exercise;
  for Relationship --                                                                                                           for FUN!   



  • Monday, March 20th: 7pm
  • Tuesday, March 21st: 7 pm
  • Wednesday, March 22nd: 3pm & 8pm
  • 145 West 46th Street

NY, NY 10036

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I will be performing a jazz ballet dance piece in honor of dance legend Luigi:


Dances by Luigi

Presented by Francis Roach

Manhattan Movement and Arts Center

248 West 60th St., NYC

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 @ 7:30 pm


"Fantastic! Donna is an extraordinary teacher who is both knowledgeable and compassionate. She makes certain to attend to each participant -- uniquely attend to every individual's needs. This was my first experience with tango and I had more fun than I've had in ages". - Resa Tylim, who took the Core Strength and Tango workshops

"For me, the three Feldenkrais workshops really worked well. After the first one I felt more relaxed -- more energetic but calm afterward, which I enjoyed very much. [In the past] I had sustained an injury  to my neck which left me dizzy and off-balance at times. Both Feldenkrais workshops helped to alleviate the dizziness and much improved my sense of balance.  And having the Tango last was an excellent idea -- a great way of finishing the event.  It was so much fun and energizing. All in all, I loved all three workshops and I want to thank you for helping me through all of them." - Inga

"Excellent experiences. I loved all three of the workshops! But I particularly loved the tango class. I think your workshops were the right things to put me on the right path. I even felt better the next morning." - Sati Choudhary

"Donna Gianell is a wonderful Tango teacher who understands completely both the female and male

parts to this great style of dancing. For those of us that feel we are beginners each day in life ,

she points out so much about life as well as dance." ​ - Francis Roach, who took the Tango workshop

​​"I always feel more aware of my movements. And I also feel refreshed and calm." - Lyn, who took the De-Stress and Core Strength workshops

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for doing those great workshops fo Sixth Street! We all really appreciated you contributing your time and energy for a fundraiser for us. Hope to see you soon for more!"

- Howard Brandstein, Head of Sixth Street Community Center

I Can Help:

 ​Cope With Stress/Anxiety


Dancers, Performing Arts




3 Workshops* in Honor of Feldenkrais Week and Month

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sixth Street Community Center Fundraiser Event
638 E 6th Street, New York, New York 10009

*Take 1, 2 or all 3 Workshops: Discounts offered

All proceeds go for Community & Youth programs offered at Sixth Street

2 to 3:30pm: Learn How to Nurture Your Body/Mind and 
De-Stress Anytime, Any Place

Learn and enjoy moves that calm, massage and nurture the body/mind while improving coordination and strength of muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. The ability to get calm and relax muscles aids the body/brain in accessing its true balance and flexibility in thinking and being. Being curious, aware and explorative in thought and body aids brain plasticity. 


4 to 5:30pm: The Athletic Side of the METHOD:
Use Your BODY and BRAIN to Feel & Stay YOUNGER,

Addressing Core Strength: the Abs, Back, Rump & Thighs
A protruding abdomen is a postural issue related to how we organize & coordinate the usage of our abs, back, rump & legs. When we do abdominal exercises – like sit-ups – only the strongest part of our abdominal muscle fibers gets stronger, while the weaker parts become relatively weaker. Learn to coordinate and strengthen more parts of the abdomen as well as muscles of back, hips and legs.


6 to 7:30pm: Workshop: Let’s TANGO! 

“Dance is the one expression involving the faculties on all levels: 
Spiritual … Intellectual and Physical.” – Plato

“Your Brain Should Tango!” – The Brain Health Guide, 3rd Edition


Photo by Margaret Divaney

​"A curse of today's civilization? Too much sitting

Get up and MOVE – from the inside out!" - dg