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"The more comfortable we are in our bodies,

the more comfortably we move through life."

– Donna Gianell

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 "I am writing to give testimony to the wonderful work of Donna Gianell, a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method of somatic therapy.
  "I am a registered nurse licensed in NJ and NY. My client, a professional dancer and teacher, was diagnosed with hypertension. Ms Gianell was working with him. 

  "Before the somatic therapy session, hisblood pressure was 150/90 and pulse 96

After his session, where she addressed muscles of his neck, shoulders, arms, hands and head, his blood pressure was 120/70 and pulse 76. This short session consisted of

very small and gentle movements which she referred to as 'quiet, calming movements'.  

  "I was impressed with what I witnessed.” – Grace Becker, RN


   "I began working with Donna in 2008 because of neck, arm and shoulder pains resulting from a riding injury.  As the neck pain abated, and gradually disappeared, Donna began to work on my posture and balance.
   "Working with Donna has helped me refine my skill as an equestrian. 
We have focused on my alignment so that I can be more balanced on the horse. She has helped me to identify and develop muscles in my core and diaphragm, which enable me to communicate more effectively with my horse.  
 "Donna is an extremely dedicated and conscientious practitioner. She has traveled to the country to meet my horse (who loves her) and collaborate with my riding instructor there."

           – Anne Fribourg

"The Feldenkrais Method massages the innermost parts of your body.It introduces the body to itself so it can heal itself. And Donna [Gianell] has made a difference in my life. She has been instrumental in alleviating pain in my back and other parts of my body. When it comes to being caring, understanding and professional, she's It."    

Annette  Averette, Bus. Manager of 6th St. Community Center & Chef of Organic Soul Cafe

Dear Donna,
"I wanted to thank you for working with me the last few years and teaching me how to move my body pain free and help me regain my lost flexibility.
"Whether we are doing a Feldenkrais exercise, a dance move from Luigi or one of your own exercises, I always feel safe and know that I will not be doing anything that will hurt me.  This was so important when I first came to you because I was in a lot of pain. You know your material and how to apply it to a client's needs. It amazes me how much I have learned from you.  With each session I get stronger and stronger. Your love for what you do shines through with each session.
"Thank you for working with me."
– Alisoun Price

"When people ask me,  'What is Feldenkrais?'  I tell them: 'It’s an Awareness of Movement miracle that helps one get the best action out of their bodies.' "
George Richardson, writer, political activist 

"Thanks for the lessons in Feldenkrais. They have helped me to understand myself, learn how to relax, but most of all, I feel in control. After my first lesson, my husband told me how much deeper my voice sounded. People can now understand what I'm saying because I have learned to slow down and use my stomach muscles when I speak.

           – Nina, Blaine, who suffered a stroke and hemorrage to the brain

   "The monthly Feldenkrais sessions Donna Gianell has been offering to many of us have changed our bodies, our energies and the way we relate to the physical world. They have provided us with deep healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels." Carol Tokar 

"You created an informative, interactive and upbeat session. The concept you presented that we shouldtune into our inner selves was vindicating for the audience. They physical movements that you and your husband led gave everyone a useful gift to take home. WorkTalk is really blessed to have such a fine example of the spirit of giving, as you." 

                   – Caesar A. Mendez, Board Member of WorkTalk

Updates after three once-a-month sessions: (1)" Donna, my movement was more fluid after the last session, and the hips/left knee pain had subsided." ... (2) "My body was functioning with greater ease for several days after the last session.  Circulation and finger movement had also improved.  Thanks". ... (3) "Donna, just letting you know that my hands were better for several days after the last Feldenkrais session, and the right shoulder held up for almost 2 weeks."           Mem Masnik