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"The more comfortable we are in our bodies,

the more comfortably we move through life."

– Donna Gianell

Tango photos by Rob White

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Workshops and/or Classes

Donna Gianell & partner Ken Romo

    If you can WALK, you can TANGO!

​​"I always looked forward to coming to Donna and Ken's Argentine Tango classes when they taught at the YMCA. They are excellent teachers. What amazed me was how much care, understanding and patience they had with each student, no matter what level the student was at. But I have to admit, I especially loved dancing with Donna and always looked forward to getting the chance to do that. She is like a feather in how she responds to my lead. She makes partner dancing very enjoyable."  – Syd


                                 “I loved it! It was fantastic! And, oh so beautiful. When you and your husband dance, you’re                                             beautifuI. You’re the best! And I think I learned a lot. When I went to visit my family in                                                         Honduras I danced with my brother. It wasn’t Tango music but I did some tango moves and                                               steps and they couldn’t believe it. They said, `You dance so good.’ And I told them, `That’s what                                     Donna and Ken taught me.’ I have so much fun in your class. It makes me happy.”  

                                      – Lydia Mondragon

                                "Thanks for the great Tango class last night! It was a blast! I look forward to the next one."  

                                        – Dan Burkarth,   Professional Theatre, Film Actor, and Acting Coach; Advocate / Activist 

                                 (Update after a month of lessons):  “Your classes were great. You rotated partners frequently ...                                     you both gave instruction and then allowed  much time to use all the dance floor space for               ​                               practice time so as to reinforce those specific class lessons. Another thing I appreciated was that you covered a new dance step each class as well as reviewing past ones.”

                              "Donna Gianell is a wonderful Tango teacher who understands completely both the female and                                      male  parts to this great style of dancing. For those of us that feel we are beginners each day in

                               life,  she points out so much about life as well as dance." - Francis Roach, dance and life teacher                                        of the  Luigi Jazz Dance Technique

"Dear Donna and Ken, 
I had a wonderful time on Wednesday and I look forward to the next Tango class."  – Judith C. Jacob

*​Argentine Tango Technique & Steps for Dancers  

*Social Dance Tango for Everybody – Learn how to listen to your partner and  dance together socially and comfortably to the exciting & romantic sounds of Tango music. 

** A Social Dance Evening to "Dance the Night Away!"**

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